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8775 Counseling Teenage Fathers: The 8775 Maximising a Life Experience 8776 (MALE) Group 8776 . 86-67-6996 http///databases/ERIC_Digests/

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As a team we were often greatly surprised to hear the stories of these men, their hopes and their courage how much they wanted to take fatherhood on board and how much their efforts were often thwarted by misconceptions and often by professionals who simply did not know how to include males in their work.

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Consistent with the development of teenage males, teenage fathers seem to respond to the emotional components of fatherhood (love, time, care), where older fathers might respond more to the technical components (money, standard of living, parenting skills).

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Of these, 67 were 76 or under at the time of the interview. As pointed out in the results section the responses by the men were remarkably consistent, and therefore we are confident that a higher number would not have altered the results significantly.

Fathers-to-be are especially encouraged to be responsible and patient and to help support the mother, even hough she may be feeling very sensitive and depressed. 8776

8775 However, unrealistic expectations and the inability to combine the developmental tasks of adolescence with the responsibilities of fatherhood increase their vulnerability to parenting failure. 8776

As well as the traditional gender roles with the male providing financial support and the woman caring for the child at home, the females felt the father should provide emotional support for the child and mother and share basic childcare tasks with the mother.

Fathers and mothers, who have been teenage parents and whose children are now a few years old, have told us that what was missing was support for them as a couple.

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8775 Newsletter or info specially for dads 8776 rated high with both groups, with four or five the most common ratings. This suggestion tended to rate high with those who were not too keen on actually meeting others guys their age.

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If there are concerns for a parent 8767 s parenting style, lifestyle, or social problems, then the parent should be given help to address these regardless of gender, rather than being dismissed altogether.

The researchers suggested that including the mothers of both teenage parents in child development education would increase the chances that the parents would consistently receive accurate child care advice from a variety of sources.

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