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Ford: Company analysis Essays

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 17:18

Hence, the existing players in the market benefit out of the barriers to entry of new players that essentially comprise of ' supply and demand economies of scale, supplier switching costs to customers (especially when the customers have invested heavily in solutions compliant with supplier's technology or are very much used to the same), capital requirements, access to distribution channels, restrictive government policies, etc.

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Ford Motor Company Industry Analysis The automobile industry began with Henry Ford x77 s production of the Model T in the early 6955 x77 s.. Firm Analysis General History of Ford: Ford Motor Company x77 s first car was sold on July 78, 6958.. Ford x77 s finance subsidiary, Ford Motor Credit, was formed in 6959 and is the number one auto finance company worldwide.. 88% stake in Mazda 86% of Hertz, which is the number one rental car company in the US and Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.. Financial Analysis: General Ford has shown a steady pattern of sales growth from 699.

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However, most of the big giants in telecom industry (like Vodafone, Essar, Verizon, etc) are largely equity financed as evident from their reports on CNN money. This might be because of two major reasons ' the limits set by creditors are much lesser than the overall capital structure of such companies or the company management doesn't wish to take long term interest rate burden given the huge capital investments in developing countries.

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Ford Motor Company follows a well established model to start their operations in a new country that follows well established procedures to establish operations in minimum time, establish spares units, establish services units and establish sales outlets. The company has support partners that follow this model for communication with local suppliers and customers, local brand licensing and promotion and local product/services promotion in order to quickly attain the business as usual state in a new country of operation.

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Ford Motor Company led the way on a number of innovations, including safety glass, rear seat belts, childproof locks and seat belt reminders. Ford was the first company to introduce cheap, cosmetic automobile options, like retractable hardtops. They are also one of the leading companies to employ hybrid technology in their products, and they pour much of their revenue into mechanical technology and fuel efficiency research. The company‘s quality extends beyond the vehicles, however it is widely known for fair treatment of employees and an open communication environment that inspires change and improvement at all levels of production.

We hereby evaluate the outlook of Ford Motor Company and Tata Motors using Present Value technique. The formula for Present Value is rewritten as below:

One of their major challenges is to meet European safety & emission standards on Tata Nano because they have already failed once in the European market and are not yet known for developing global cars and hence have not yet built a sound global brand equity. Hence, currently they appear to be an overambitious company whereby an effective market campaigning of Tata Nano has brought them at a global platter but it appears that end of the day they may just end up capturing their local Indian market.

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